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Monday, February 26th 2007

1:41 PM


Meet one of the most famous dogs in the planet, who just happens to also have a myspace!

His name is MultiCh. WA Mozart Dolce Sinfonia. His nickname is Mozart. Mozart won several championships of beauty worldwide. He also was silver medal at the most prestigious championship in the planet, the World Championship of beauty 2005 (compare to the Miss Universe for the human being). He is the main character in the movie "The Dog's Town" directed by award winning director Vibeke Muasya and main character in the music video "Say Goodbye" by 15th LA Music Awards winner Krassimir. Below are photos from during the "Say Goodbye" music video shoot:



 He is in the front cover best seller book "Passport of a Champion" written by his breeder and owner: Sabrina Parisi and recently released in Europe.


Mozart’s father, Champion Bolero Dolce Sinfonia was the Yorkie hired by the Eukanuba Dog Food. He is not only a great top winner and champion, but he is definitely a Star. Of all the show dogs in the world, he was the one recently used by Eukanuba dog food, filming in Hollywood for one or more of their advertisements (Saatche & Saatche of New York).

Recognized among all-time famous dogs and known as the Eukanuba Dog!
He is the model used by some dog fashion companies, and is going to be seen in posters and more advertising programs by Eukanuba and others.

Below is an article recently published in Europe:

Meet a very different breed of superstar: it is elegantly covered in extravagant fur, adorned with precious diamond collars, and always ready to strike a pose or to be under the Hollywood spot-light. He definitely knows how to appear and how to be noticed. It is perfectly groomed and owns a vast guard robe for the many events. It's today's celebrity pet king. By the way, do not call him house pet, because he lives in a multi-million dollar mansion and spend its days wrapped in complete and utter luxury. This celebrity pet can also be special guest in famous Hollywood and Beverly Hills events and be considered the center of gossip. So, let’s introduce this amazing Italian Yorkshire Terrier by the long name of W.A.Mozart Dolce Sinfonia.

W.A. Mozart Dolce Sinfonia, screen personality and also champion Yorkshire terrier show dog, was a special guest at Popera star Krassimir's talent-packed concert, May 11th 2006 at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. The Kodak Theater is also known as the House of the Oscars, since every year it is the center of the most glamorous event on the planet "The Oscars". This pampered pooch is the very first dog ever to enter the Kodak and to reserve an entire front raw to watch the show. Mozart arrived in a limo, wearing a tuxedo from Italy and groomed by Westminster Kennel Club handler Ramon Ricardo that traveled from Mexico City to primp the classy canine. Mozart’s owner accessorized his leash with a $300,000 diamond-encrusted collar. By the way, Mozart’s personal bodyguard was World champion in boxing and World Champion in kick-boxing Daisy Lang also known as "The Lady Lang".

Photo: Yes, the huge and super bright diamond you see on Mozart bow is REAL!!! It cost over $120,000!

The Yorkshire Terrier is owned by Italian born Sabrina A. Parisi. Sabrina is the founder of Dolce Sinfonia in Beverly Hills, one of the number one kennels of Top quality/ Top pricy Yorkshire Terriers on the planet. Its dogs have been the fave of many celebrities, they have been featured in several magazines, books, encyclopedias, commercials, documentaries and CD covers. Sabrina is also the author of best seller book "Passport Of A Champion" released on December 25th 2006 in Europe. Mozart is the subject of a documentary shot through the eyes of four different dogs in Los Angeles, each from various socio-economic levels. The film is being produced by a crew from Denmark and directed by award winning director Vibeke Muasya. The crew planed to follow Mozart as he ridded to the concert and walked down the red carpet.

Mozart has won several dog show awards and won the silver medal at the most prestigious dog show, the World Championship of beauty 2006 (compare to Miss Universe for human being). His owner, Sabrina, met Krassimir at the Italian Film festival in Los Angeles, and subsequently introduced Mozart to the only male soprano star with a 4-octave voice. The high-class hound has become a huge fan and enjoys listening to Krassimir's Popera CD on lazy dog days.

Both canines and humans are thrilled by Krassimir's voice. Krassimir has debuted at the L.A. Music Awards in Hollywood winning the 2005 Independent Superstar of the Year Award.

Krassimir united more than 65 artists (stilt walkers, a symphony, ballet dancers and Japanese Taiko drummers to name a few) for one electrifying international concert called "Experience.Popera!" The Kodak Theater welcomed about 3500 people and experienced one of the biggest special effect show ever produced. The concert also brought together participants from around the world to benefit the UCLA AIDS Institute and promote AIDS research, awareness and education.

And going back to W.A.Mozart Dolce Sinfonia. Sure it's great to be a celebrity, but being a celebrity's pet is even better.


You can find more info on him and Sabrina at: www.dolcesinfonia.com or click photo above to visit them on myspace! 

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Posted by Silva:

I am Silva from Bulgaria. I loved the article & loved Сабрина Паризи (that's how we say Sabrina Parisi in Bulgarian)& loved these dogs.
Tuesday, March 6th 2007 @ 2:47 PM

Posted by Alice Norman:

Hey, How can I buy the book? What language is it in? I like Bolero-It is so cute.
Wednesday, March 7th 2007 @ 12:16 PM

Posted by Alessa:

I am in love with Sabrina Parisi's animals. They are charming just like her! Where can I find the book? Is this in English language?
Wednesday, March 7th 2007 @ 12:46 PM

Posted by franco canzona:

Wednesday, March 7th 2007 @ 12:47 PM

Posted by Dana:

Thursday, March 8th 2007 @ 3:59 PM

Posted by Muki:

I am beyond crazy for Krssimir's voice. I adore Sabrina and Sabrina's dogs. I want to see more things written on all of them...and lots of pictures. They are such talented and interesting people.
Thursday, March 8th 2007 @ 5:30 PM

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